A little insight.

I live in Southern California and have done so my entire life. I am married to a pretty terrific guy, we’ve been together since I was 17 yrs old and manage to beat the odds every day.  We have an intelligent, beautiful, talented, funny and compassionate (just to name few) daughter, plus a handful of furry kids. We have recently taken on the “hobby” of keeping chickens. We adopted a flock of hens that had recently reached laying age. We also purchased 2, one-week old chicks for the opportunity to experience raising chicks.

I may be California raised but my heart is screaming to get out of the city. The Hubs and Kiddo feel the same way. The kiddo is still in school and shopping for out of state colleges to attend. The Hubs and I hope to pull up stakes and head out after she heads out to college. We want a piece of land large enough to keep a decent sized flock of egg layers and meat birds and raise a garden large enough to sustain us throughout the year. We talk of even maybe even one day raising our own pig and cattle, again, just enough to sustain us through the year and possibly sell off a portion to help cover the costs. My Hubby and I are big into knowing where our food came from and what went into it. Until the time comes when we can do this, we remain impatiently stuck in the city. Thankfully we have enough space and live in a city where we can keep a few hens and keep a decent garden.

This blog originally started as a way to chronicle my families journey through the vegan diet, but after more than a year of it we finally threw in the towel. It got to a point where I, as the cook of the house, was stuck either in the kitchen chopping, slicing, dicing and preparing our meals or in front of the computer searching for and creating new vegan dishes. I just cannot spend my life indoors.

We have come away with some different views on food. We limit our red meat intake to no more than once a week, if even that. We have found some vegan and vegetarian recipes that we enjoy, so those will be making regular appearances in our weekly menus, We enjoy almond milk, so that’s staying as well. Whole grains are in, white is out – white bread, russet potatoes, white rice.

This blog is now going to be a fun place for me to share my anecdotes of chicken keeping, gardening ups and downs, tasty recipes that I think others might enjoy and my adventures in learning to homestead bit by bit.


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