Cluck & Hoe Baked Goodness

I have been sharing with you all for some time all the fun and delicious homestead practice I have been working to learn.  Well, I wanted to figure out a way to share the love, so to speak. See, I get that there are more folks out there that would like to have fresh baked bread and homegrown veggies but they just don’t have the time or know how to accomplish this on their own.  So while I may not be a commercial bakery, I would like to offer my friends and neighbors a chance to enjoy more than just our wonderful eggs from our ridiculously spoiled hens.  This is my way of helping you get one more processed food item out of your pantry and more healthful food into you belly

This is what I have come up with as a starting point.  I hope you like it.

Cluck & Hoe Fresh Baked Goodness

Whole wheat flour is organic, White flour is unbleached, honey is local & raw, sugar is organic, eggs are homegrown, produce used is homegrown or locally grown whenever possible, even the butter used comes from locally sourced milk. I try to use as many local or homegrown items as I can and use as much organic as I can.


–Loaves —

2 lb. Honey Oatmeal Wheat Bread -sliced or unsliced $8

2 lb White Bread – sliced or unsliced $6

1.5 lb. French Bread – $5

1.5 lb Egg Bread – Great for French Toast – Thick Sliced or unsliced $6

1.5 lb. Potato Bread – Made with fresh potato, not fake flakes $6

1.5 lb Brioche – Terrific French toast – sliced thick or unsliced $6

–Rolls and Buns —

Honey-Oatmeal Wheat Hamburger or Hot Dog buns – 8 -$10

White Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns – 8- $8

French Rolls – 8 – $10

Egg Bread Hot Dog Buns (Our favorite for hot dogs)8 -$10

Potato Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns (Great burger buns) 8 – $12

Brioche Buns (terrific for burgers and pulled pork) 8 – $12

Dinner Rolls (also make the best mini sandwiches) 15 – $11

–Bagels —

Simple Savory Bagels (Plain, onion, garlic, everything) 6 -$12

Deluxe Savory (Jalapeño*, Sun-dried Tomato) 6 -$15

Sweet Bagels (Cinnamon Raisin, Chocolate chip, Pumpkin*) 6 – $15


Fresh out of the oven – Plain Bagels

—Sweet Loaves —
$8 each
Pumpkin*, Zucchini*, Banana, Banana Nut, Lemon, Orange Cranberry

—Extras —

Croutons – Garlic Herb $5 a bag

1 lb Pizza Dough $4 each (Whole Wheat, White or Garlic Herb)


Corn or Flour Tortillas $10 per 12
Flour tortillas are made with lard, can be made vegetarian upon request.


–Fresh Eggs —
$5 per dozen
$7 per 18


–Bunches of fresh herbs* $3
Can include Rosemary, Thyme, Mint, Parsley, Oregano, Basil, Chives, Sage, Lemon Balm, Marjoram – depending on availability

Pick-up is available with advance notice. Can be arranged for Pomona or Altadena locations.

Delivery is available from La Crescenta to Rancho Cucamonga for $10



10% off your first order
20% off every 6th order
Spend $50 and get $55 worth of product
Free Delivery on orders of $40 or more

If this goes well I hope to add even more goodies, like muffins, pies, cookies and simple cakes.  Is there anything you’d like to see offered? Leave me a message.



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