Hatching Workshop


I did something so far out of my comfort zone – Public Speaking!

Last year a cousin got me connected with the Ag Dept. of a local junior college for selling my fertile eggs to teachers and homeschooling parents to be able to participate in hatching for their annual Spring Fair.  Then, in December I was approached by Patty from the college, she asked if I would be interested in helping with a Hatching Workshop.

Of course my first response was to laugh incredulously.  No way am I getting in front of a group of strangers to teach them!  But then I thought a bit, reached out to my good friend, Carrie (who happens to be as chicken crazy as me, my enabler), and Midge to ask if the two of them would be interested in going with me.  The promise I used to hook them both was that I would OF COURSE do the majority of the speaking.  Both were game.

SO okay, we’re in, let’s do this!

February 6, 2016 arrived much faster than I thought it would when I agreed to be the hatching “expert”.  Oh my goodness the three of us were nervous.  I did not prepare a written talk, I much prefer to just go with the flow.  I have hatched enough to have a good base of know-how but I am far, FAR from an expert status.

That said, I am so pleased with how the workshop went.  As promised I ran my mouth did the majority of the talking.  Carrie piped up when I would miss a detail  now and again. She also handled the candling demonstration, since she is a bit fanatical about candling.


Midge, well, I put her in charge of the camera on my iphone.  Much to my chagrin, she actually recorded a few minutes here and there. Here is a highlight reel.

As nervous as I was, I had a wonderful time and we received terrific feedback.  So much so, that I am game for hosting next year’s workshop and have even offered the use of our home so folks can see a backyard set up, and have better visual aids with my birds on site.



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