Turkey Math?

If you have chickens you likely know all too well about Chicken Math. If you are not familiar with this numerical conundrum, it looks a little like this 2+2=More. I started with the promise of just small flock of 4-6 birds, a year later and, well, you can read about my lack of math skills over HERE.
The turkey prefers the company of the Cornish X.

Now my friend and I (we really just nurture the chicken crazy in one another) have gone and done it again. It appears chicken math is not specific to chickens. We talked turkey, and the idea of a pasture raised bird appeals to her just as much as it does to my family. So we headed out Saturday afternoon to collect a turkey from the same hatch to be a companion to our Broad Breasted Bronze. Then the guy offers a 5 month old Black Spanish/Eastern Wild cross and talks about the difference in flavor, drops the word heritage and it’s done.
We now have a mini flock of turkeys hanging out till November. The original Bronze, the wild/heritage mix (hopefully the wing clip will keep it around) and a Broad Breasted White. I had better find land fast.


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