Fluffy Butts

Remember last week when I broke down the crazy numbers of poultry happening at our little homestead in The Power of Poultry? Well, we’ve had a hatch over the weekend! We candled 12 eggs and set 9 in lockdown on day 18.
I am excited to announce, we had 8 of the 9 hatch!
The first to bust out of it’s shell was the backyard mix of Blue Copper Marans and Barred Rock.
Staying true to the forward nature of Rocks, this chick made it’s appearance on Friday, while the others waited until Saturday. It is a cute little grey (blue) chick with feathered legs and feet. There was only one in this go ’round, but we set a few more for the final, big hatch set for next weekend.
I am anxious to see this mix grow out, what color will the eggs be, will we get any barred babies? It should be a good dual purpose bird since Marans and Rocks are good sized birds.

We are all the most enthusiastic about 6 of the 8 chicks.
They are the Langshans. Last time we (and by we I mean my crazy chicken friend and I) tried hatching Langshan eggs the hatch rate was miserable. Of 18 eggs, only 3 hatched out. Of the 3, only 1 was a girl. We sold off the pullet and later we sold one of the 2 boys, keeping, who we felt was the best of the 2 for breeding. This go round we only purchased 8 eggs and of the 8, we had 6 hatch.
Of the 6 we got a 50/50 split of blue and black and they are all so uniquely colored, even at this point. Their little legs are heavily feathered with white feathers, making them look like little Clydesdale horses (ok, that might be a stretch) Maybe fancy, feathered leg warmers?? You tell me…
Fingers crossed there are at least a couple girls in there!

The 8th little fluff ball came from my friends flock, the hen lays the prettiest spearmint green eggs while the two roosters who could be the father are both of blue egg genes.
So we shall see what this little round baby grows up to be, hopefully a pullet so we can see what the egg color combination will create.

An update on our broody who we gave 24 eggs to,
unfortunately that proved to be too many eggs and we suffered a lose of 5 under her. What an AWFUL stench that was! We lost 2 of the 5 Welsummers, 2 of the 6 Olive Eggers and 1 Super Blue Egg Layer. Aw well, you live and you learn, Beatty will get no more than 18 eggs for any future hatches.

I just love day old chicks and their adorable little fluffy butts. It is a short lived stage that just doesn’t get old.


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