July 1999

I uploaded over 40 images to build this post today, I think that is a couple, ok maybe a few, too many for one post. I could easily make you sick of the subject that in 15 years I have yet to tire of. Of all the things in my life, this is by far, BY FAR, the greatest. I can confidently say this subject is one that will NEVER, yep I said NEVER, tire of. I am pretty sure those near me have grown a bit bored with the broken record that I have become. If you were as tied to this as I am you too would understand the reason for my obsession.

What could possibly keep me so enthralled for so many years you ask?
My daughter!
Today is her 15th birthday and I am about to, I think it has already started, go all proud momma on you here. Scroll for images or sit tight for the emotional torrent from this boastful mom.
How could you not love such a face? This kid is incredible. Even at a young age she has shown more empathy for those around her than pretty much any adult I have met. While most are quick to jump to an angry conclusion, this girl, young lady, automatically gives the benefit of the doubt. Quick to forgive, slow to judge. Cool, calm and collected in an emergency. Thoughtful, sensitive, compassionate and genuine. From the start, this kiddo has been wise beyond her years, tender, giving and kind.
Quick with a smile, hug, compliment and encouragement.
Lover of all things furry and feathered. Midge is the happiest when she is among the animals. Rough housing with the dogs, caring for the cats, snuggling a bunny.
Chillin’ with the chicks.
She has said, she feels most at home when she is at the local stables, where she used to take riding lessons and still volunteers at summer camps
There is no question, animals are her passion. With the strength of character, self awareness and confidence that this young lady carries herself with there is no doubt that her goals of becoming a veterinarian and one day opening her own rescue center will be realized. She has her head in the books, in the clouds and on her shoulders.
Hard working, oh my for “city girl” she has a work ethic that can put folks to shame. From running just as hard as I do on a catering or event, seriously, my right hand. She springs into action without hesitation or complaint. She works side beside me on any big job, ready and willing to tackle each new task asked of her and all without complaint. From scrubbing houses to pulling weeds for hours this kid just digs in and works until the job is done. As her grandma said in disbelief “What teenager does that?”, having raised a few of her own.
As if all that weren’t enough, Midge has had her top 3 colleges chosen for more than a year and makes the choices that keep her headed toward her goals.

I cannot recommend enough the need for everyone to have a Midge of their own. Bad days dissipate when she hugs me. Tears dry up when I hear the tenderness in her voice and feel the love in her heart.

Midge is:

Though not always successful
Girls Scout
Sassy Teen
My Carpool Buddy

Told you, solid obsession. Insane levels of pride. This kid is INCREDIBLE! You all should be so lucky as to have someone so magical, memorable, and magnificent in your lives. I am SO blessed.

Today will forever be the Greatest Day of my life, the day I met the coolest person on this planet (trust me, she is). I am a better person for having My Midge in my life.
Happy Birthday to the best thing to ever happen to me!
(and your dad).


5 thoughts on “July 1999

    • I am such a sap. I know. I’m a hugger 😉 Thank you. I know your Gizmo is a lucky girl as well, for the love, life & future you are providing her with.

  1. Jenn –what a wonderful tribute to a very talented young lady that I’m proud to call my granddaughter! Happy Birthday Midge! Love from Grandpa, Nancy, Scott and Daniel.

  2. Happy Birthday! You are a sweet, loving, and caring young lady. Your family is blessed and you are blessed to have such loving parents. Keep focused. You’ll achieve your goals.

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