June 1994

Twenty years ago this week two unlikely paths came together. We were just kids when we met. He was 20 years old and I, well, I was (am) younger.
Not like creepy younger, I was 17, which just means I’m not 40 yet.

I didn’t know then that this guy and I would be where we are today. That the love and friendship would continue to grow. That with everything life has thrown at us we would both continue to make the choice to stand together to face whatever may be. Travis and I have held tight to one another as we have navigated the sometimes Tsunami sized waves that life has pounded us with. It has only been with a mutual love, support and respect that he and I have always managed to reach the surface, together, still strong.

Of all the bad decisions we have made in our lives, there have been a few doozies, we have also managed to make some of the best, like choosing to support when at times it would have been easier and more expected for us to fight and push apart. You know, that choice to become parents, could quite possibly be the greatest decision we have made or will ever make in our lives. We do have the most incredible daughter.

Today, Travis and I celebrate our 14th Wedding Anniversary. I am not really sure where all these years have gone. All I do know is there were few who ever thought that 20 years ago, those two kids would have ever been standing together with the love and commitment we have today. As a teen I thought I knew what love was, who I was or where I was headed. When in reality I had zero concept of the gift that stood next to me. I was unprepared for many things. Most of which was how much MORE I love my husband today. How much strength, courage, support, love and friendship he would have to offer me over the years and how the love, respect and bond I have for him would continue to grow with time. Now that I can see what 20 years brings I say BRING ON 80 MORE!

Happy Anniversary to my best friend, my rock, my heart. The best person a girl could have next her on this wild and crazy ride called life. I thank the Heavens for you daily.
All these years and I still swoon for this man. I am one incredibly blessed girl.


2 thoughts on “June 1994

  1. Congratulations to you both. Being someone with experience staying together these days is truly more difficult than it is to simply walk away. It seems no one wants to put in the effort. Every marriage has its ups and downs and who hasn’t wanted to shoot the other or stab them in the neck with a spork. Enjoy this milestone because I know that it’s a big one.

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