Beyond Bountiful

This past weekend I had the opportunity to load up on all the citrus I wanted. As a “favor” to a friend, Midge and I helped trim her citrus trees and in the process, clear loads of oranges, lemons and avocados. Once home, unloaded and weighed it turned out we had just about 200 pounds total. 128 of those pounds was all oranges!


Sunday found Kiddo and I washing, juicing, zesting and canning. I found a no pectin marmalade recipe that I wanted to try. I am disappointed to report that I ended up with 4 1/2 pints of a pretty sauce as it didn’t gel. I saved it with the hope of adding in some pectin to see if I can get it to come together. I sure hoe so as it not only contains lemons and oranges from a friend but it also contains grapefruit from my new friends over at Hometown Hive.

Thankfully, it was only the marmalade making that was flop. We managed to juice enough oranges to fill 5 1/2 gallons. We put some in the freezer, sent some home with the grower of these juicy oranges and are sharing with the Grandma’s who love fresh squeezed orange juice. I have no idea what type of oranges these are but they are certainly the juiciest and sweetest. There is no “pucker factor” and I didn’t need to add any sweetener. We didn’t juice all the oranges, I would guess we still have 20 or so pounds. I want to make more marmalade and have found some other fun recipes to try. These recipes from Attainable Sustainable are for tangerines but I can easily swap in oranges.

I like the idea of the combination of orange and ginger in this jam recipe. Tangerine Ginger Jam


Homemade Triple Sec, fantastic idea!! Tangerine Triple Sec


This recipe is an interesting one. I had never thought to preserve citrus in this manner and for the sake of being able to say I’ve tried it, I will try it. Salted Citrus


If she hadn’t included ideas for how to use I might have just clicked right back out of that last one, but I am intrigued.

We also juiced out most of the lemons. We filled 3 ice-cube trays to freeze smaller portions of the juice for quick grab use in things like homemade mayo, pasta dishes, dressings and marinades, when you only need a tablespoon or 2. I know I want to make some lemon curd, a lemon meringue pie and Midge requested a lemon bundt cake. But beyond that???

Oh of course lemonade, but check out this variation on the timeless classic from Yearning and Learning.

Bubbly Probiotic Lemonade

Then there is this wonderful round-up of all recipes Meyer Lemon from Ever Growing Farm. More than a few have caught my eye. Lemon Coconut Bars, Meyer Lemon fettucine, Lavender-Meyer Lemon Tom Collins Cocktails, Natural Cleaners and more!

Meyer Lemon Extravaganza

What about the avocados you ask? Simple, a bag to my step mom who loves this creamy green fruit as much as I do, a bag to a Bestie, a pile in the fridge to delay their ripening and the majority set in a dry, warm location to ripen. I imagine a monstrous vat of guacamole being made once they ripen. I like to vacuum seal family sized portions to then freeze for a later date. Thawed in cool water, the guac tastes as good as it did when it was made. No ugly browning or off taste. A few may find their way into other salads and even a vinaigrette, but the destiny for most will be ‘that which I could live on’ guacamole!

With so many fun, different and interesting recipes I am going to have to go back and shake those trees down again and again.

Did I miss anything? How would you use this bounty?


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