May Meet-Up

This past Saturday my friend C. and I hosted our first Backyard Chicken Meet-Up at my home. We had folks from all over Southern California in attendance.

The day was a whirlwind of activity. The doors opened at 10 am with a flood of folks bringing in their birds of all shapes and sizes to share, swap or sell. We had everything from tiny Serama’s to giant Cochin’s. They lined the driveway on both sides
(photo credit: Krista D.)

(photo credit: Krista D.)

The tiniest of them all, the itty bitty Serama. I had never laid eyes on these little guys before, what a treat.
(photo credit: Krista D.)

We had Palomino Rabbits and even turkey poults!
(photo credit: Krista D.)

The Hometown Hive was there with the most delicious local raw honey, beeswax candles and melts, blocks of wax, grapefruit, and avocados. The avocados are locally grown Lamb Haas that weighed in at 1 pound each! Amanda and her husband were in charge of the sales table while her dad Jim answered questions with a wonderful teaching hive and pictures. I could have sat and talked bees all day. I am so intrigued by the idea of one day keeping bees ourselves. Such and incredible family, we are already planning to get together to BBQ with them.
(photo credit: Krista D.)

Handsome Hubs spent the weeks prior to the event crafting several of theses grit/calcium dispensers.
(photo credit: Amanda G.)

And these hanging watering buckets. He also crafted fantastic wooden trough feeders complete with hinged roof for ease of filling. We sold the two he managed to get finished and somehow missed getting a picture. I’ll get one up on facebook this week sometime.
(photo credit: Amanda G.)

We had a distributer for Scratch and Peck feeds in attendance. This food is incredible, is has none of the things we don’t want to feed our flock and all of the things we do. It even smells delicious. We plan to switch to this fed once egg sales can cover the cost. C purchased and donated a bag of Non-Gmo feed to the raffle prizes.
(photo credit: Amanda G.)

A sweet little lady made these fantastic rooster collars from industrial “hook & loop” fasteners and fun duct tape. We purchased one for our overly mouthy Bleu and immediately fitted him with it. It was a riot to watch Bleu try to back out of the thing. The collar only reduces the volume of the crow, but Bleu seems kind of embarrassed and the frequency of his crowing seems to have decreased.
(photo credit: Amanda G.)

C and I both had a few dozen eggs we put out for sale. These are C’s pretty rainbow eggs with the coveted olive-green eggs (I’ll have to tell you later about the unique hen who lays them)
(photo credit: Amanda G.)

Sharing my mini homestead with so many folks, seeing the little ones exploring and discovering all the different animals was the highlight of my day.
(photo credit: Christy D.)

Talking chicken with like-minded people was also a blast. Here I am sharing my insight with a newbie who is just starting to get set up for his first flock.
(photo credit: Krista D.)

One of the attendees was even thoughtful enough to bring snacks for all the feathered friends, cute.
(photo credit: David U.)

These are the birds that started all this Meet-Up madness. C’s earlier hatches looking for new homes. Most are roosters so unfortunately most were still there at the end of the day. Though I am happy to report we have come up with two options that do not include the freezer for them. Though it was close for her big boy, Skittles, and his overly zealous use of his voice.
(photo credit Krista D.)

The day was one of the longest, I think I didn’t sit down until mid afternoon and was in constant motion. I had some of my best friends, who aren’t even into chicken keeping, make the drive out to show their love and support. Though I think they really came for my fresh eggs and Hometown Hive‘s fresh honey. We did manage to sell a handful of the Easter Hatch pullets and even sent home one roo. New friends and connections were forged and there will soon be a few more backyard flocks thanks to the networking and effort C and I put into this event. Who knows, maybe we’re just crazy enough to host one again.

P.S. I’d like to give a Big thank you to all who snapped and shared pictures of the event. I managed to take zero myself.


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