Super Simple Pour Spout

This past weekend I shared this image on my facebook page. It was an idea I saw floating around and loved the simplicity of it. It was such a hit I thought I would toss you a guide to putting them together. This is so simple I don’t think words are even needed. So here you go.

*Stay tuned at the end where I will have a link posted to a great eBook filled with 50+ recipes to help you fill those jars with scratch made goodness



Be sure to wash before installing for use on your jar.


There you have it. It couldn’t be easier. As you can see from the first picture, I used both regular and wide mouth jars. I imagine these will only hold up for a couple of washing (if that) before needing to be replaced, so I will just cut them out as I have them available.

One of those jars is filled with the most delicious homemade Ranch dressing.

The eBook Off The Shelf is filled with condiments, toppings, snacks and pantry staples. I love that each recipe has a picture. It’s available for purchase HERE


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