More Than Corn

I garden because I love it. I love collecting fresh produce from my yard that I know what went into it.
I love nurturing it and watching it grow from a tiny seed or seedling.
I love the shapes, textures and colors that the plants add to the landscape.
But I especially love that my “no-so-little” girl still loves to play in the “jungle” of corn even as she nears her 15th birthday this summer. *sigh*
The other day she says “Mom, I haven’t gone in and sat in the corn yet” then promptly headed in. Her only complaint, I didn’t leave much room for sitting among the stalks. Ok, next year I’ll make the paths a bit wider to better accommodate the girl who isn’t so little anymore.
When you garden, no matter your main reasons, include your children from the start. There are countless benefits in doing so. One of my favorites is you raise them with the love of dirt under their nails. I love that I have grown so much more than corn.
By the way, aside from the 2 shots of Midge in the corn, all other photo credit go to my incredible Kiddo. Her camera of choice? Her dad’s smart phone.


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