Corn’R Post

Oh my, it has only been 2 months since I planted our little corn’r with the 3 Sisters garden and look at the difference!!


That fence (and I) are about 6 feet tall. Did I mention it’s been only 2 months since I planted the seeds!? The Hubs walked out to the yard looking for me and had no idea I was lurking about in the corn. I was stooped down checking on the beans, watermelon, pumpkins (I see tiny fruit blossoms forming!), and zucchini. My watermelon plants are in need of some aphid extraction but other than that, everything is looking good.

We even picked our first zucchini last week

I was about to talk gopher with you but have decided against jinxing things. Here’s hoping things continue on in the healthy, happy manner they are currently running and that this crazy triple digit heat wave rolling through doesn’t burn things down.


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