This past weekend was one of the best I have had in a long time. It feels like for the past few months every weekend has been booked up solid with yard work, projects, side jobs and helping friends and family move. Hardly have we had a chance to just enjoy the weekend. Finally, Mother’s Day weekend rolled around and we had no moves, no pressing projects and pushed the yard work to another day. The weather was absolutely perfect too. Low 80’s, sunny, nice breeze.

So Saturday we wasted the morning sleeping in and getting a much-needed late start but still managed to hit our local farmer’s market (it is tiny with maybe 10 booths, maybe). I discovered a new tomato plant worth adding to the garden this year, Black Mauri, it’s a chocolate-brown cherry tomato from Russia that is said to perform well in hot climates. Since it is shaping up to be a long hot summer here in So. CA I thought it a great addition to the 15 other tomato plants I have going already. We bought some local goat cheese, lettuce (since ours has all gone to seed), cherries, strawberries, nectarines, little artichokes and these incredibly unique radishes
The are aptly named Watermelon Radish. Aren’t they the prettiest?? I have to add these to the garden next year.

After the farmer’s market we headed out to BassPro Shop to spend some gift cards we had been hanging on to. The 3 of us took turns selecting our loot, it was a lot of fun family bonding time as we wandered around that massive store. Trav opted for a new shotgun case and some fishing tackle. Midge upgraded from her little pink tackle box to one much more befitting a young adult, added some new lures and hooks to it and selected a ball cap. As for me, well, I headed for the cast iron cookware of course! I scored a new 12″ skillet that I am thrilled to add to my humble collection.

We wrapped up our unhurried Saturday with a long overdue dinner at the Best’s house and enjoyed catching up with both her and her brother.

Sunday started much the same, though a bit earlier. I am not much of a sleep in kind of person anymore and am usually awake with the sun, though I will lie about for an hour or so scrolling through my Facebook and whatnot before finally getting a start on the day. Hubs and Midge, however, that’s a totally different story, I think the 2 could sleep an entire day away if I would let them. So imagine my surprise when I heard an alarm going off from the Kiddo’s room at 8 am Sunday morning. She even HEARD it and got out of bed! First gift of the day! Next came with what I happened upon when I entered the kitchen and lo and behold, the pressure canner I have been longing for, PLUS a case of jars, sat awaiting my discovery!
Yes, this is exactly how to make this homesteading nerd happy!

This Mother’s Day Sunday was such a treat. Midge and her Dad worked together all day to take care of everything. They cooked a beautiful, and delicious, breakfast of ham, cheese, green onion and tomato omelets, with toast and fresh melon.
Friends came up and we all hit the local lake for a little R&R, Hubs fished (unfortunately he watched fish jump everywhere but onto his hook), the kids kicked around the soccer ball and bird watched, we hiked around the lake, picnicked, talked and just enjoyed each others company for the afternoon. Perfection.
I didn’t even take my phone along with me. At least C’s Hubs took a couple of pics of that pretty lake.

My day just continued to be thoroughly delightful once we returned home. Midge set to work putting dinner and dessert together. Trav helped with chicken chores without so much as a grumble

The two worked together to get dinner prepared, though Midge really did most of it. Hubs grilled the lamb shoulder chops. Kiddo chopped everything for the chopped Greek Salad, complete with local goat’s milk feta, she trimmed and cooked the artichokes. She sliced and sugared the strawberries, whipped and sweetened the cream and even whipped up a batch of sweet biscuits for dessert.

Oh it was all so good. Midge was even mindful of not making the whipped cream or biscuits too sweet since the strawberries would be plenty sweet on their own. I am one impressed and proud momma. My kiddo has certainly grown in confidence and ability in the kitchen. The best part? Hearing her say “I actually found myself enjoying all the chopping and prep work. I didn’t even mind getting the dishes washed in between steps.”

Aside from the stress free, so relaxed I had time to start a new book, days of this past weekend where I hardly lifted a finger to get things done. I got to spend 2 days soaking up serious quality time with my 2 favorite people. The time is fast approaching when our baby will be graduating high school and heading off for college. These days are always so filled with to-do lists, homework, animal care, chores, projects, you name it things to do, that there is hardly time left to just be, be together, be connected, be in the moment. Though the weekend flew by, this precious time spent together is lasting.

Too bad the clean dishes and eagerness to help out won’t last.

Hope all you mother’s out there enjoyed the day and weekend as well.


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