Slow Down

Howesteading is not the easiest life to live, even in the city, or maybe because of the city. One thing about homesteading, nothing much is instant. Most things take time to accomplish. Waiting takes patience and patience takes practice.

Plants need time to grow and become established before you can harvest their bounty.

Breads take time to rest and rise and bake in order to get nice, airy loaves.

Time is needed to make great, healthy bone broth.

Fermenting takes time to get a good hold on the items you are preserving.

Cooking beans, time.
(This is an experimental ham bone, black bean, chipotle soup currently slow cooking while I’m at work)

Raising chicks for eggs or meat, more time.

Homesteading is a contradiction to everything we, as humans in this rat race, have come to expect. I am not a very patient person by nature, I like to get in, get it done and get out. Wanting to homestead, grow our produce, keep chickens, bake breads, cook from scratch and preserve foods is teaching me (notice I didn’t put that in the past tense, yeah, I’m still learning) patience. Reaping the rewards of good patience help perpetuate the process and deepen my drive to slow down.

Are you learning to enjoy the slow down of homesteading?


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