I need a nap

Weekend of rest? Ha! Right! Try this one on for size. Vaccinated 18 chicks, moved 2 friends in 2 days, mowed, weeded and edged both the front and back yards, made 5 glorious quarts of bone broth, revamped the garden beds, increased Beatty’s brood from 4 to 9, and even threw in a loaf of fresh-baked bread for good measure. All while cleaning up after, feeding and caring for the 14 chicks in brooders in the garage, cleaning house, doing laundry, cooking dinners and laughing till we cried. That’s my weekend in a nutshell, here are some of the highlights.

The Best and her girls came over on Thursday (I know, not the ACTUAL weekend, but close enough). The girls were eager to meet all the adorable new babies and their mom helped me get them all vaccinated. Not a fun task, but I can happily report we had a 100% survival rate!


Cousin N came up for the weekend, helped with the first move and had us all acting like goofy kids. (Read: riding the 4 wheel dolly down every ramp and sloping driveway we came across and having a midnight battle with stolen loquats from the neighbors tree, we got in trouble for that one). A typical weekend when Cousin N is around!!

Nothing I have been doing has kept the flock out of my planters. The final straw was finding a barred rock in one of the larger planting beds, merrily scratching up my tender bell pepper seedlings! Hubs hit the home improvement store and the 3 of us spent Sunday afternoon constructing new hoop frames over some of the beds.

We do intend to add the hoops over the remaining pallet planters, we just ran out of time, energy and materials. I sense harvesting just got a lot harder, and that we will be gradually modifying our netting and attachment system, but for now, I am simply happy that the buffet is closed (Said with breath held and fingers crossed)

We went ahead and gave Beatty 5 more chicks to raise, some for the owner of the chicks and some for us with a few spares in case there are some roosters in there. Beatty happily welcomed the newbies and they are all doing a great job of bonding.

While all these things were happening I had the slow cooker filled to the brim with bone broth fixings. I did things a little different this time. I cooked up a batch for 24 hours, strained it off and set it aside in the fridge. I then returned all the veggies and bones to the cooker, refilled with filtered water and set it to cook for another 24 hours. The last time I cooked up the broth it came out so dark and rich that I thought I could easily cut it with water to stretch it even further. It helps that I put the bones from 2 chickens in at one time. Instead I just did 2 batches at 24 hours cook time and then combined both finished broths before ladling in to jars and freezer containers.

Thanks to the cheat of starting dough in the bread machine, I was even able to get a fresh loaf of bread baked up before the end of the day on Sunday.


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