Thrifty Easter

Our Easter Dinner table. The tablecloth is nothing more than a pretty sheet from the thrift store. That adorable centerpiece was a gift from Cousin N, so cute!!

Every Easter Midge and I try to find new, unique ways to color our eggs. Granted this year our hens have really got that handled with the gorgeous aqua, brown and copper eggs they gift us with everyday. But we still wanted to actually color some. This year I came across the idea of Silk Tie Dying eggs. Funky, repurposing, thrifty, yep, perfect.

She and I hit a favorite thrift store and poured over the tie selection. We pulled every 100% silk tie they had and then decided to narrow it down to 6, figuring we could do 2 eggs per tie.

Here are the 6 we struggled to narrow it down to. You can see they have been deconstructed, per the directions over at Our Best Bites


The fun was when it came time to unwrap the eggs, we passed one out to each dinner guest and watched as they carefully unwrapped their egg. The ooh’s and ah’s that came in a wave around the patio was such fun. Here’s how they turned out…






Oh and yes, I will admit, we did break down and purchase white grocery store eggs for this project. I was concerned wit he boiling and then later peeling of our fresh eggs, anyone who has fresh eggs knows that peeling hard-boiled ones is impossible. The only way to get the peel off is to steam and ice bath them. See the how to’s here

We were also going to try dying some eggs with natural elements like beets, red onion skins and turmeric, but the day was such a whirlwind of activity (more of that to come), I just couldn’t swing it this year.


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