How I Beet the Traffic Jam Blues

My work week is only three days long but when the commute is 1.5 hours one way, three days is MORE than enough. It is only a 30 mile route that I drive! Some evening commutes are worse than others. Creeping along at 5 miles per hour is only acceptable when rolling on a country road behind a tractor or taking in the views of beautiful farmland. Usually, by the time I get home I am wound tight and, we’ll just say, a wee bit edgy. In order to repair my foul mood I always make a beeline to the backyard, I check on the Langshan Littles in the garage, let the Chicklets out into their play yard and then hit the Chicken Yard. My Girls and their daily gift of eggs is a sure fire remedy for “commuters cramps” . (Of course the day I returned to the destruction of my kale/chard pallet only added fuel to a raging bonfire of frustration on that particular day). Now with spring in full swing, the added daily harvest of some fresh, homegrown, organic, chemical free produce is the cherry on top. This week, we are enjoying the best harvest of our beets.

The Girls love when I pull the beets, I always set them out for the hens to snag some extra tasty greens.

How can you stay in a bad mood with these gifts waiting to be found. I roasted all these up and we will use them throughout the week, reheated as the sole side veg or left chilled, diced and tossed into a salad.

Not all the Chiogga Guardsmark striped, but they were all tasty.

Like edible sunshine!

Here’s my Roasted Beet recipe
And my Quick Pickled Beets


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