Awkward Teens

Our Chicklets are growing out beautifully. The cockerel, Bleu is proving to be a striking specimen for his breed. Not only is he feathering out and shaping up handsomely but he continues to be a gentleman to his girls and his people. Just look at these pictures, he and Veronica are now 16 weeks old. Bleu is very protective over his two girls but has not bitten us once. I mean, he is hanging out in Midge’s lap for goodness sake!



Here are the three of them, out for a little free time in the lawn.
2014-03-15 15.32.57-1

This is Veronica, 16 week old BCM.

A little surprised at the delay in development of her comb and wattles. Not to mention her size. We bought Beatty as a 4-5 month old pullet and she was exceedingly more grown than our Veronica.

Little Miss Cleopatra at 14 weeks. Breathtaking, isn’t she.

This picture just cracks me up. I am having a hard time captioning it, so if you have anything, please share.


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