Blue Skies & Blue Eggs

This week with daylight savings time I have enjoyed not having to race the sun to get home in the evenings. It is nice to not have to do my evening chores in the dark, which means I actually am getting them done instead of putting them off.

The Chicklets continue to grow, Bleu is indeed a roo, and a lovely one at that. His copper is starting to come in and he is a polite and doting little guy. Since he will be heading back to whence he came this spring and since the unfortunate passing of Raven, we will be adding two more pullets come April. I am lucky in that I have made a new friend with a similar egg obsession who is happy to raise the chicks till off the heat lamp for me. She has quite the variety of colored egg layers and is happy to share as she needs to thin her ever growing flock.

Here are the two that will be joining us in Early April
This is a pale blue feathered Olive Egger (fingers crossed it’s a pullet)

This is a Cream Legbar. This is an auto-sexing breed with a very unique look. I had never heard of them till the Friend offered me this as a replacement for Bleu. This is a blue egg laying breed. They have wattles and small combs with a funky tuft of feathers that gives them a sort of bouffant “hair-do”.

The past weekend was perfect, blue skies, sunshine, family time and lots of laughter.
Cousin N came up for a stay and seemed to enjoy the company of our flock as much as we do.

The Girls have begun to pick up their egg production. We are finally beginning to see 4-5 eggs a day on a more consistent basis. Now I know the colors of the eggs change throughout the year but it is usually just in shades of one color, like out Barred Rocks vary from an almost cream to a rich mocha tan. But our 2 EE’s that have been laying more of a green egg have recently been changing things a bit more.

Ginger and Chiquita’s first eggs in front with the eggs they laid 2 days ago. I am NOT complaining, I am just surprised to be finding gorgeous aqua blue eggs in the nesting boxes nearly every day now.

Life feels great these days, even with the ups and downs.
I saw this quote on facebook and it struck a chord with me. Our family hit a seriously rough patch the fall of 2012. I wasn’t sure how we would rebound from it but am now happy to say things are not only looking up, but we are heading down a path we had only ever dreamed of before.


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