Late Bloomers

My first attempt at a fall garden has turned out to really be more of an wintered-over early spring garden. Once the days started getting longer and the temps hung out around the upper 70’s to mid 80’s everything has finally started to take off.

This potato tower was planted with a grocery store potato that sprouted, it is the first time I had cut and cured the potato before planting. The other towers are all planted later and with seed potatoes. I had little hope that the cut potatoes would do more than rot away, so this was an unexpected surprise.

I planted 2 new rows of snap peas in a different planter. You can see they are quite happy with the location. I planted a row of spinach in between and have had the best sprouting rate this year out of many. Look closely, you’ll see my celery plants in front of the peas. They were started from seed. I just planted my grocery store cutting as well.

Happy little carrot sprouts

Our first ever Broccoli!!

And cauliflower!!

Kale and Chard overload! With a few red cabbage in the mix. We added onions as a companion planting to help ward off aphids.

My garlic is looking healthy and strong, excited for the summer harvest. This is another first!

I have a lot of new plantings hardening off that will be going in the ground over the next couple of weeks. Hoping this spring and summer brings a bounty of edible crops to our table.

Happy Gardening!


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