Take a Hint

I believe that we, as most creatures, need the winter months as a season off from most of the big heavy chores of spring and summer. A time to rest and recharge our bodies in preparation for the coming months of sunshine and warmth when we will all be outside working from sun up to sun down, making repairs, starting new projects, planting our gardens, soaking up the sunshine and all the while planning, preparing and storing up for the next fall and winter. A natural cycle that all animals, humans included, travel. Like a bear hibernates, chickens egg production drops and they take the time to molt and revamp for the next year of laying. We all need to slow down, recharge, recover and rest up. There is a time of rest and a time of work.

But what happens when Mother Nature opts out of the usual overcast, rainy, cool days? The type of days that are the signal to our bodies to slow down and unwind a bit. Our bodies know we should be moving at a slower pace, recuperating from the previous warm months. But the days are still warm and filled with sunshine. Our bodies are locked in a struggle with the calendar and nature. The entire winter in my area has been sans rain with temperatures well above normal. Most days have been sunny and near, if not well over, the 80 degree mark. Absolutely glorious days not to be taken for granted, but while we should have been resting, we were, instead, out enjoying activities that are regularly reserved for the spring and summer months. Our bodies haven’t received the rest they need, the time required to recover from the non-stop days usually reserved for half the year.

It is only now, in the last month of winter that the weather has changed to clouds, rain and cooler temps. It is now, that the urge to bundle up, snuggle in and hide away has hit. Now, that our bodies should be shaking off the cloak of Old Man Winter, dusting off our work boots and gearing up for the longer days of spring. Seeds that lay dormant are starting to awaken by the kiss of the spring sun only to be greeted by the pounding of a hard winter’s rain, chasing them back into the ground before they had a chance to grow strong enough to stand against their torrent. The ground that was almost ready to be turned is now heavy from the unrelenting rains.

So while most of the country has had no choice but to hunker down and wait for the spring thaw, resting their bodies and unknowingly traveling on the cycle that every creature needs, we here in sunny California may have enjoyed an unseasonably warm and dry winter but have also forgotten to listen to our bodies as they have been screaming at us to please stop, slow down, and rest. This week, Mother Nature has chosen to deliver a season’s worth of rain in a couple days’ time, we are finally forced inside to wait it out. This weekend should be about rest and recovery for us so we will be recharged and ready for the coming spring and summer.

At our home we have the coop and run battened down with shower curtains and a tarp,
the Chicklets have been moved (Temporarily) into the house so they don’t get washed away,
2014-02-28 17.15.30-1
we have utilized every free bucket and trash can to catch as much rain water as we can to utilize for watering when rain is once again sparse.
Now, instead of a weekend filled with chores, or non-stop running around (excluding the one Girl Scout Cookie Booth Midge and I will be at on Saturday), I am taking the hint and giving in to my body’s needs. I made a dinner of beef stew in the slow cooker,
the Family enjoyed a movie together and us girls were in our jammies before dinner. The rest and recharging has begun!

I leave you with one more of little Ember (a.k.a. Lil’ Bit), she is just too pretty
2014-02-28 17.19.37-1
See you on Monday!


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