Pictorial of our Pallet-Pullet Pen

The start, a lean-to pallet compost corner all but neglected.

Getting the ground prepped for planting, compost contents spread out and turned in.

The Handsome Hubby crafted this awesome coop, complete with hinged lid for ease of cleaning.

The interior of the coop with a routed edge 2×2 roosting bar.

The gate Hubs crafted to fit with the pallet theme, he repurposed unused dog eared fence boards.

The pallet wall of the run, interior side of pallets are covered with plastic fencing.

The coop moved into place, we put blocks under the legs for support and to raise off the dirt. This gives the Chicklets a nice little covered area to get under during the day.

The gate installed, complete with hinges and latches.

The top, constructed of 2×2’s with plastic fencing stapled on. No one is getting in or out. Keeping our Chicklets safe

The Hubby hinged the back half of the roof so we (The Kiddo) can easily access the top of the coop.

The Chicklets moved in, making themselves at home.

Oh and we are finally in for some much needed rain so The Handsome Hubs has plans for tarping things off to keep our Chicklets safe and dry. I’ll add a picture as soon as I get one.


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