What did you do this weekend? Oh Nothin’ Much

This weekend was filled to the max. I scribbled down a list of goals for the weekend. By the end of the day Saturday we had hardly put a dent in the list thanks to the arrival of 3 new Chicklets. The babies arriving quickly became a side benefit of the new found friendship that has begun with the family who not only graciously raised the chicks till they feathered out and were off the heat lamp, but also delivered them. The mom and I sat for hours talking all things chicken and kids and life. The kids both discovered that the other has the same gentle ways with animals and spent their time holding the chicks (of course). We are all looking forward to getting together again, soon, and building onto this new friendship. It is nice to have a friend who is just as crazy about chicken keeping as I am (or more so).

The Handsome hubby worked off-site most of the day Saturday which also attributed to not much being accomplished on the list, though Midge and I were hardly lazy, we just found other things, not listed, to work on. Sunday found us all home and much more focused on the to-do list. Before I knew it most of the items were scratched off the list and we were all feeling very accomplished.
This picture was taken a little too soon, we also knocked off the pallet pen roofing and weekly meal plan PLUS shopping list. Oh and not only did I get a loaf of Honey-Oatmeal Wheat bread baked up I also made a 5-grain wheat loaf. I like the use of the 5-grain (or 7 grain if you can find it) cereal as it gave the loaf more crunch. I think the next loaf will be a Honey-5 Grain Wheat. Mmmm fresh bread….

Oh sorry, was dreaming of a slice of still warm from the oven bread with a smattering of butter (drool)

Ok, focus, what did we do this weekend? Oh yeah, right, As you can see from the list, the Fam Bam was quite productive. We even enjoyed a visit from a cousin and 5 of his kiddos. They came to meet the chickens Sunday afternoon. I love sharing new adventures with kids and helping expand their views. These kiddos are all homeschooled and range in age from 9 down to 2. They are some of the most polite, inquisitive, well spoken children I have had the pleasure of being around in a long time. The kids enjoyed chasing the chickens, finding eggs, holding the babies, and learning a little bit about chickens. I loved when, after I taught them what the comb and wattles were, one of the older girls asked why my chickens all had different combs. The oldest asked how many eggs I normally get in a day, what was the most I had gotten in one day and the least. The desire to learn and focus on why they were there for a visit at such young ages was pure joy for me. I had planned to take some pictures but was having such fun sharing information and answering questions I completely forgot about the pictures. I have no doubt I will see them again soon, so hopefully then I will remember to take some pictures then.

Here are some pictures of the Chicklets
2014-02-23 08.14.24-1
This is Ember (a.k.a. Lil’ Bit) a Gold-Laced Wyandotte, 6 weeks old.

2014-02-23 08.10.32-1
These two are 8 week old Marans, A Blue Copper aptly named Bleu and a Black Copper named Veronica (to go with Beatty)

2014-02-23 08.12.00-1
There is some question as to the sex of Bleu. It didn’t help that of the 4 that hatched on January 2nd all 4 of them have different levels of development of their combs and wattles. The good news? If Bleu is indeed a roo, he will go back and be used in the breeding program for Olive Eggers, no freezer camp for him!

Oh and because you should know well enough by now that I just can’t leave well enough alone, a shot of the detailing on their miniature version of the trough feeder.


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