Flockin’ Friday

With designs on gradually increasing our flock to 12 and already being over half way there, things had gotten a bit cramped on the one roosting bar in the coop. Handsome Hubs spent a Sunday afternoon making some changes. He removed the single roost, cut and rounded the edges on 2 new bars and installed the 2 at a slight stagger.
The girls were less than impressed with the surprise the first night, but over time they have settled in to the added roosting space.

Good thing too as we are fast approaching the delivery date of our next 3 pullets! With the 22nd of February looming we have been working toward completing the temporary pallet pen they will be calling home for their first month at our place. I had simple ideas about what I wanted for this pen since it is only going to be deconstructed after we integrate the newest members into the flock. Apparently the Hubby had different ideas…
This is so much nicer than I had pictured.

He hinged the lid for easy access for cleaning and catching.

He even recycled the old roosting bar from the big coop into this mini coop.

When I asked why such an elaborate temp coop the Hubs said he wanted it to be as close to what their permanent will be. He wants them used to climbing the ramp, entering the arched doorway and roosting on the 2″x2″ with rounded edge roosts.

I am so impressed with the level of thought he puts into things. I, on the other hand, just said slap something together, their chickens, they’ll adapt.

This mini coop is so nice, it deserves a coat of paint so it will last for years to come (read: more chickens added to the flock). Guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

Oh and Beatty filled her first dozen this week.
Such a lovely addition to our egg basket. Looks like we’ll be enjoying another First Egg Frittata this weekend!

Happy Valentines’ Day!


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