Challenge Accepted

I have lived in the Los Angeles area my entire life (no need for numbers here, I’m an adult, that should be sufficient) and have never been to the iconic Hollywood sign. Two weeks ago the Best said, we should hike to the Hollywood sign. I was game, let’s do it! I never think about how big a challenge I sign up for, I just hear that there is a challenge that needs accepting. One day I might learn to actually think about these things, but I doubt that. Besides, if I actually thought through these challenges, I might not go through with them, then I would be missing out on some incredible adventures and accomplishments. This hike is one of those such challenges. Our hike turned out to be a 7 1/2 mile round trip hike up the hill to the sign and boy was it worth it! Just look at the view. That’s my Kiddo up there with me!!!



We accomplished a lot this weekend, but hiking to the Hollywood sign is by far the highlight.


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