Flock Fun Friday

In the time span of just about 1 month we have doubled our Layer’s Club membership from 3 to 6.

First Ginger jumped in the Layer’s Club with her gorgeous green eggs on December 27th.
She has continued to be a consistent layer with one of the loudest egg songs of the flock, she rivals Raven in both volume and duration. Not great when they cycle around to a dawn laying time. Who said hens were quiet obviously never met a Wyandotte (Raven) or an Easter Egger. Good Grief! Though Raven still has Ginger beat as she likes to sit in the nest box, on the egg and holler at the top of her lungs. At least the reward is a wonderful fresh egg every time.

Then Chiquita entered into the Layer’s Club on January 25th. Our little cross-beaked, should have been culled chick surprised us with beautiful soft blue eggs. What a surprise and such a treat!
Chiquita tends to lay 2 days, rest a day. I am not too surprised as she is smaller in size due to her lack of foraging ability. It’s worth the wait to get the pretty eggs. Not only are her eggs a different color from her hatch mate, Ginger’s, but she is also nearly silent after laying an egg. No complaints here. Little Chiq Chiq (as I call her) is so cute how she hangs around my feet like a chick to a momma and softly “talks” to me the whole time, that is all the noise one needs from a hen.

Then last Friday, January 31st, Beatty, sly ol’ Beatty, snuck into the Layer’s Club. I nearly fell over when I went out mid morning to check for eggs and found a marvelous dark freckled copper egg sitting all alone in a mostly unused nest box! I had no idea she had gone into the coop that morning, let alone left an egg!
She too is a quiet layer, opting to just get in, get it done, and get back to foraging. Since she began laying on Friday she has provided us with these little treasures every day since. The freckling changes each day as the color department continues to work out the mechanics of the process. I still have hopes they will darken to the rich chocolate-brown that the Marans breed are known for, but if they don’t, again, not complaining. They are still some of the prettiest eggs I have ever laid my eyes upon

Look at this dozen eggs! Two eggs from each of our 6 layers!

Everyday still feels like Christmas and Easter rolled all into one. Each day we are thankful for the experience of raising a backyard flock, the blessing of fresh eggs that are provided to us and the fun antics that keep us smiling when we are hanging with our peeps.


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