Clearing the Cobwebs

I have set a goal for this years blogging. I would like to be much more consistent and balanced with my posts. I’d like to find balance in the different topics I like to share about here.

In an attempt to get my thoughts and blogging in better order I have selected certain days of the week to post about particular subjects. I’m thinking of doing; Tasty Tuesdays – recipe posts, (Almost) Wordless Wednesdays – photo filled posts, Flock Fun Fridays – all things chicken and then a possible Weekend of Weed’n’ that will be about gardening or just a random, whatever comes on, kind of post.

My hope is this will help me create a nice balance and keep you, my faithful followers, from being flooded by too much of any one single topic. I hope you like the changes. Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts or ideas for posts you’d like to see, topics you’d like to read or learn more about

Look closely under Foxy Roxy’s belly, yep, that’s Chiquita sidled up next to her trying to figure out why the dog is drinking out of the chicken water bucket.


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