The Peeps

Having a small flock of chickens means our first flock is a little closer to pet status than we would have if we were on a larger homestead. That said, we are not that over the top, they don’t have Christmas stockings like our house pets do, no gift giving or over the top coddling, they are chickens after all. However, I have learned that raising chicks in our little house was a BAD idea, we are way too bonded to those two and they to us. I’ll admit, they will likely get to live out their lives even after they pass their laying prime. Not what I want but it is what it is.

We currently have 7 girls with plans to top out our flock at 12. Twelve will put our little coop at max capacity and should eventually give us enough eggs for sale to finally get the chickens on the winning end of self-sustaining. I hope to have enough eggs to sell weekly & monthly to make the amount of money needed to purchase feed and supplies for the flock and still leave us with enough eggs for personal use.

Here is our pretty little flock.

Members of the Layer’s Club:





Beautiful Beatty snuck into the Layer’s Club as I typed this post up this morning!

Hoping for a spring induction into the Layer’s Club:


Coming Soon:
I have a BYC friend hatching and raising chicks in hopes of obtaining a Marans rooster to put over her green egger for an Olive Egger project. Of course, when you want a roo, you get a bunch of pullets. We will be adding 2 Marans and a Wyandotte to the flock this spring. The friend is graciously growing them till they feather out so the Kiddo and I can avoid becoming overly attached. I plan to get them around 8 weeks of age, at the end of February. They will go in a separate grow out pen for 4 weeks before we begin the integration into the flock.


(I borrowed the grown pictures of the Blue Copper Marans and the Wyandotte from the internet)

That will bring our flock up to 10 with hopes that the Olive Egger project proves successful as we plan to add two Olive Eggers to complete the flock.


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