Of Course

Not an hour after posting about Nugget #1, Ginger, joining the Layer’s Club, her hatchmate Chiquita finally dropped her first egg!
In other posts I had voiced the hope that Ginger would be blue egg layer. Being thoroughly obsessed with that idea left us little time to ponder what color egg Chiquita might lay. To be honest, we have low expectations for Chiquita as she is cross-beaked. Being cross-beaked prevents her from foraging for bugs and plants. She relies solely on the layer crumbles and any other deep dish feeding we offer. She is noticeably smaller than Ginger as well.

Ok, so then Ginger lays and they are a gorgeous green, little bummed, but hardly. We had added a black Easter Egger, Cinder, to the flock with the promise of being our best bet for the coveted blue egg. Cinder is only 4 months old so we have a couple of months to go before we see if that holds true.

We have been on “egg watch” with Chiquita for a week or so. She has been rather vocal and she began squatting a week or so ago. The last couple days I have been home and able to watch the goings on. Each day Chiquita showed more and more interest in the goings on in the coop. I watched one afternoon as she followed Ginger into the coop and after Ginger laid, followed her out. She seemed to be trying to figure out how this whole egg laying thing worked. Too cute and very fun to watch. Finally on Saturday, Chiquita was spending a lot of alone time in the coop, but after each venture in we were left with empty nest boxes. Finally, toward noon, she entered the coop and settled in for a stay. After more than a few minutes passed she quietly emerged. I had jumped in the shower during this last venture into the coop, as I really had other things to tend to. As I finished my shower, Midge says “Mom, she’s out” Is she singing a song? “No, but can I go look?” Of course. “Can a grab the egg if there is one?” Yes please!

By the sound of the speed and urgency of her footsteps through the house I could tell she was excited and had found an egg. I open the door to an ecstatic girl with an egg cupped between her hands. Kiddo “You want to see it? You sure? you ready??” Yes! Show me the dang egg!!!

AAAAHHHHHHH Chiquita lays BLUE EGGS!!!!!

Sneaky little girl, slid right under the radar to become the prized blue egg laying member of our flock!!!

Look at this beautiful pastel rainbow of natural eggs form our little flock of 5 layers and 2 up and coming layers!


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