A Big Girl Now


2 days after Christmas the first of the two Nuggets joined the Layer’s Club when she gifted us with her very first egg!


We had really hoped Ginger would be our blue egger, but we are hardly disappointed by the gorgeous green eggs she has continued to gift us on a regular schedule. The color started out as almost an olive green but steadily settled into a rich sort of sea foam that is just lovely. The first 3 eggs made for a fun paint swatch of greens.


We held off eating any of these beautiful green eggs until we had her first dozen, purely for the photo opp. After her first seven or so eggs we went 4 days without seeing a green egg from her. We didn’t give it much thought as we just figured as a newbie her body was just taking a break, she had skipped a day in the beginning. Then a Saturday filled with yard chores rolled around and while I was out turning the compost something just caught the corner of my eye. There in a medium sized doghouse that we use when we have a need to separate birds from the flock (like bringing in newbies or busting a big bully, or tending an injured bird) sat a small clutch of eggs. The doghouse has a nice thick layer of shavings and just sat out back, unused or thought about. Little Ginger and one of the 2 Barred Rocks had decided it made a fine place to set their eggs. Of course I went and immediately collected the eggs, there were three or four immediately visible but once I removed those I found a fifth shoved down, almost completely hidden, in the shavings. I gave the shavings a good dig through and discovered a sixth egg buried in a back corner under the good four to six inches of bedding. Little buggers, here we thought production was just in a natural lull while those two where busy tucking away their eggs in a secret spot.


Well after adding those 3 hidden eggs into Ginger’s First Dozen we only had to wait a couple more days before we had a full carton


The following Sunday I decided it was time to whip up breakfast for the three of us, using only Ginger’s eggs. I chose to make a Frittata with kielbasa, potatoes, kale (from the garden) and yellow bell pepper.


The coolest surprise happened when I cracked into that first egg. The interior of the shell was the most gorgeous shade of aqua blue!!


I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but as I cracked more and more eggs the smile of awe and disbelief grew on my face. Seems Ginger is our blue egger after all, she just flipped it and snuck the pretty blue inside. What fun it is now, every time I crack one of her pretty green eggs, I am greeted by that beautiful aqua blue inside.

From one week old chick
Ginger 1 week
to six month old laying pullet
Ginger is a great addition to our little flock


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