Oh NO, It’s a Roo!!

Finally had time over this past weekend to get a good look at our new flock members, turns out our very sweet white EE is a Roo!! How do I know this?? To start, his beautiful blue legs were much thicker and longer than our other 2 EE pullets. He has a more upright posture, hens are built squattier. The feathers that fall around the base of the tail, saddle feathers, are noticeably pointier than a hens . and there are little pointy bumps where his spurs will undoubtedly grow as he matures. It is unfortunate as he is a very docile, sweet bird who will likely make for a wonderful roo. It also means we now have to hope the replacement hen will bond quickly to our Marans hen who is still easing into the flock.

The good news, we caught on early. Not to mention the gentleman who owns the hatchery is such a nice guy, he happily offered to correct the mistake and swap him out for a hen.

Now to find the time to run back down to the hatchery during this busy holiday season to make the swap.