Adding On

Well I didn’t think there was going to be time this month to make a visit to our favorite hatchery to replace our two Easter Eggers that we lost a couple weeks ago. After a late family brunch with Grandma, I asked the Hubby if we could make a run to the hatchery where our 2 Nuggets were purchased. He figured we could swing it, so I asked Mom and Stepdad if they were interested (knowing full well Mom would be excited to join us). Of course, they agreed. So after a mad dash back to our respective homes we met up at our house, we loaded up into our SUV and hit the road.  It was already 4 pm, the sun was sinking, and the hatchery closed at 5, we were pushing it.  The Hubs made quick work of the drive and we were there in no time.

The plan was to buy just two young hens. I am so over raising chicks in our small space, not to mention I can be impatient and our two Nuggets are 25 weeks old and have yet to lay an egg. As we are climbing out of the truck I caution Mom and Midge that we were only after 2 birds (while holding up 4 fingers and winking). Seriously though, I have a promise to collect 2 Blue Copper Marans in the sprig with the hope of 2 Olive Eggers next fall, we really do not have room for more than 12 birds and that would put our coop at maximum capacity.  So two, just two.  Of course I would love to have  Black Copper Marans, more Easter Eggers, Barnevelders, Orpingtons, Blue-Laced Wyandottes…. the list goes on and on.  How was I ever going to pick just 2?  To top that off, Midge then asks if she can pick one of the 2 and would really like a Buff Orpington. 

We are greeted by a young man who asks how he can help, I make an on the spot decision and decide I would like 1 Black Copper Marans and one Easter Egger (hopefully a green or blue egger) to replace our green egg laying Swainson.  I go on telling him I am an egg color snob and not too particular about the beauty of the bird. As soon as we are looking at the birds I quickly disprove my earlier comment about egg before beauty.  I’d like my girls to be less than homely and set him about choosing and chasing down a BCM that is good sized with a lovely copper head. The first girl he collected was just lovely, a keeper.

I held onto her while he set about selecting an Easter Egger for us.  I told the Kiddo she could pick this one.  After much careful consideration she pointed out the one she wanted, turns out it was a young rooster.  Disappointed she opted to just ask for any white one that was a hen.  The young man came up with a lovely little, nearly pure white, hen.  she has the prettiest slate blue legs that are set off beautifully against her white feathers.

Both hens are about 4 to 5 months old and still working on the finishing touches in their feathering. The Marans will be black with a copper head and neck and black feathering down her legs.  The EE will be/is white with slate blue legs.
My apologies for the picture, this is what I get when I ask the Hubby to snap a photo in the waning light of the day. I will get some better pictures this weekend and upload on Monday.

We have gone with a Flintstone theme for their names, Wilma the White EE and Betty the Black Copper Marans.  Looking forward to getting them acclimated to our flock and moved in to the coop in the next few days. 


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