I have been missing in action from blog posts for a few weeks.  Haven’t had much to share.  We are still waiting for the Nuggets to lay their first eggs as they have now reached 5 months in age.  The 2 Easter Egger Big Girls have started a pretty good molt, poor Swainson is less than lovely and rather patchy looking.  She also hasn’t gifted us one of her pretty green eggs since October 30th.  Egg production in general is down to 2, sometimes 3 eggs a day. Since I would like extra eggs for the Thanksgiving holiday and weekend we have decreased our daily use of eggs in order to fill a couple egg cartons. We went out of town for the weekend for the first time since adding the flock to our menagerie.  I really teetered about how to leave them.  The run really is not large enough for all 7 birds to be in ’round the clock for several days.  I worried about leaving the run door open, giving them access to the Chicken Yard/Garden as we do have birds of prey, though not eagles, and feral cats.  In the end, we left the door to the run open just enough for the birds to single file through.  This allowed them access to scratch and eat grass.  Unfortunately it also left them access to the planters and though no bird was harmed during the 3 day weekend home alone, I was tempted to throttle a couple after seeing the damages from their plundering of my peas and radishes.  Honestly though, after a little clean up, they really didn’t do too much damage so I would say it was a successful weekend.

While the Girls were home alone, pillaging my garden beds, The Hubs, Kiddo, myself and the dogs headed into the forest for a wonderful weekend with friends and family to celebrate my birthday.  The weather could not have been better, the company was superb and we arrived home refreshed and ready to take on the world again.  There is nothing better than clean mountain air, fires in the fire pit, good food and great friends to recharge the soul.




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