Wicked Chickens

As promised, my ridiculously frivolous project for the coop/run.

Yep, it’s silly and I love it. It says “Deviled Eggs”.

Why Deviled Eggs? When I initially shared about our plunge into the world of backyard chicken keeping, the first post from a friend on facebook was this
I just loved it and have wanted it as a sign on our coop. I had trouble deciding where I could hang such a sign, there really is no good place on our little coop or run that would do it justice. Then, while reading blog posts over at http://olyfarmstead.org (they are living our dream), I came across a post with a cute banner made from scrap lumber, cut into triangles, painted with a saying and hung over their sheep feeding area. I knew right away I was borrowing the idea.

So on Sunday, after the Handsome Hubs had finished cutting and assembling all the “Have To’s” he cut a board into perfect little triangles. I mixed up a custom color, applied 2 coats of paint front and back and he drilled the holes.

I spent a good portion of the next day deciding on just the right font using a Word Doc. Then I penciled on each letter

And painted them in

For the space between words I created some pretty scrolling and a CH for Cluck & Hoe

That left the lettered pieces looking a little too plain, so I created a small bit of scroll for the bottom of each of those and painted it copper. 2013-09-24_18-15-55_796

I tied everything together with twine and hung our pretty sign across the side of the coop.
Completely unnecessary and totally worth it!


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