The first week we worked to build our coop was such a crazy mad dash with the pick-up date fast approaching. The 3 of us worked every free moment on the coop/run and still had to finish securing things after we arrived home with the hens. Since then we have slowed down, lived with things, and made gradual adjustments and changes. We have always known we needed to do something to get it all prepared for the wind, rain and cold temps of fall and winter. This weekend the Handsome Hubs and I focused our energy on that aspect of “upgrades”. All those round vents and big windows are great during the warmer months and have served us well, but now that fall has arrived, our nights are getting cooler and rain is just around the corner.

Here is a before picture with the round vents I cut in and the side window. There is a matching window on the other side and a great big 22″ x 26″ window on the front side facing into the run.

The tricky part was trying to figure out how to cover the vents on the back of the coop. Since they are cut into the doors we couldn’t attach the covers to the roof eaves like we could on the sides. The Hubs, ever the creative problem solver, came up with the idea to build box like additions. He used 1″x 3″ and 1″ x 6″ lumber to create these. He used the same pattern for the side vent covers as well. This keeps from having too much weight pulling on the chipboard roof, no one wants saggy eaves.

You can also see one of the side windows. All the window coverings were created with more 1″ x 3″ and 1″ x 12″ boards. I talked The Hubby into adding the cute and completely unnecessary little white strips. A simple latch doubles to keep the windows locked down and held open.

Here is the big window with the beautiful new covering. This one is fun, it is hinged on the top and bottom. I was concerned about hinging them on the sides when the winds blow the coverings could easily be slammed shut. Since the birds poop enough I don’t see the need for scaring anymore of it out of them.

Hinging on the top and bottom also allows for variety, cause we all need a little change once in awhile, right? We can use the latch to hold the top portion open, leaving the bottom to just hang down. Opening the entire window up for ventilation and fresh air.


We can leave the top half closed with the bottom open to keep the cooler night breeze from directly blowing on the girls and making things just that much cozier.

Yes, we are a bit crazy. But normal is so boring.

The Handsome Hubby and I got to spend another weekend working side by side on this project. Didn’t see me mentioned too much? Well who do you think put on 2 coats on all sides of all that wood? Yep, that is my job, painter. Of course it’s the paint that really brings the project to life.

The Hubs has more tricks up his sleeve, the least of which is to get some actual roofing material on the roof. So it looks like we will have at least a few more weekends of bonding over chicken projects in our near future. Good, It’s the only way I would want it.

Stay tuned for another fun and completely unnecessary coop/run project coming soon.


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