Just Right


This morning Raven, one of our Silver Laced Wyandottes was the first to lay. The Kiddo and I happened to be out in the Chicken Yard when she started shopping for the best spot to lay. We watched her inspect all 4 nesting boxes, circling around quite indecisive before she exited the coop and run.

Raven then approached the Chicken Nuggets pen. In it we have a small box with and even smaller opening for them to get into. On a side note, we built this very early on, before fully understanding the use of the boxes and coop. When the chicks are out for community free-ranging I simply tip the own up on end. All the chickens go in and inspect from time to time. So in goes Raven. Up onto the box she hops. The Kiddo and I giggle over the thought of her trying to get in this box and use it to lay today. No sooner did that thought cross our minds than Raven dropped down into the box


Oh my. She contentedly scratches around, rearranging the bedding and settling in


I hope she finishes her business and attempts to exit this itty  bitty box while one if us is around to witness it as that opening should prove difficult to maneuver.


The funny thing will is that all the girls like to lay in the same box, so if she doesn’t hurry up she may find herself with company.


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