Going Greek


Surprisingly, one of our flocks favorite treats is yogurt.  It’s a great source of calcium & protein, which are both essential for healthy chickens & egg production. Yogurt is also loaded with those wonderful probiotics,  great for digestion & keeping the ph in the crop balanced. Once a week we like to treat them with nonfat, plain Greek yogurt. As you can see, they love it.

We also took the opportunity to feed the Chicken Nuggets & the Girls next to each other,  trying to get everyone used to the other as we grow closer to integration time. We sat both dishes right up next to the chicken yard fence. They were all so involved in eating their tasty treat that not even one feather was ruffled. Success.


I wish I had taken before & after shots to show you how thorough these girls all are when it comes to eating yogurt, they peck at the dish until nearly every last bit is gone. Very impressive considering the tool for which they have to undertake such a task.

Be warned, do not stand too close when chickens are enjoying yogurt. They get in, get it all up on their beaks & then shake their heads. Yogurt flies! It lands on the backs of neighboring birds, it hits the ground behind them, it gets everywhere.  Such a mess, fun, but a mess.

Our patient pups were standing by eagerly hoping to get in on the yogurt action and were in luck as that was the last serving out of the container and it would need a good washing. Always willing to lend a tongue to help wash a dish, my dedicated pups jumped at the chance to prevent me getting dishpan hands.


As you can see, Foxy Roxy got right down to business. She takes container washing very seriously, meticulously getting into every nook & cranny.


After a bit, it was Bronson’s turn. You know, ladies first. I am pleased to tell you chivalry is alive & well in our home.  Not to mention, Brony is less than delicate when it comes to his container washing technique.  No one really wants to go in after he’s worked it over.



Watching the Cluck Crue & pups enjoying their yogurt treat is a treat for our souls.


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