I just wanted to share my delight, in an earlier post I had told you about replanting kitchen scraps. Well the celery base actually started to grow!!


Very cool! So into a pot it has gone.  The green onions (scallions) that I had previously planted are doing great


So I have continued to save the ends to plant. Here’s the celery potted up & a second pot I’ve just started of green onions


As I was inspecting the new growth in my lettuce boxes I discovered a little something extra growing in one.


This little guy is a potato, I think Yukon gold, that slipped past us when we harvested our potatoes earlier this summer. We set all the potting mix aside for later reuse so it didn’t really surprise me to find this guy growing. I gently lifted it out of the lettuce box and have temporarily re-homed it into a small pot. I have plans to plant potatoes in the garden come the end of the month and have not gotten the potato spot ready yet. So here it shall wait.


The sunflowers are blooming. I just can’t help but smile when I see them.


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