The Little Things


A week has barely gone by and already my plantings from last Sunday are already starting to sprout. My lettuce boxes, as I like to refer to them, that I planted with kale and mesclun mix have both begun sprouting. 


I have them uncovered just for the sake of a photo. The hardware cloth has worked well, though the girls haven’t had too much Big Yard time due to the collecting of dogs on vacation here this past week. The little opportunity the Girls have had, I am happy to report they have not given the boxes a second look. So I like to believe the screening is doing the trick.

I did all container gardening this year as we had just recently relocated here. I wasn’t really sure what & where I wanted things. Not to mention learning how to live with gophers, which is something I’ve not ever encountered in my life. This year things are no where near as abundant as they’ve been in previous years. So I celebrate the little things. Like when I’m out watering and discover a hidden beauty of a cucumber.



I happened across it at the perfecting picking size. Check out those Purple Haze carrots, grown in the same planter as the cucumbers. These are fun carrots that become dark purple when cooked. And yes, I even managed to get a few tomatoes.

I had a few beans left in a package from last year that I planted in pots along the garage wall (in my Herb “Garden”). I ran twine from the pot all the way up to the eaves for the beans to climb. Though they may be a bit scraggly they are still better to look at than a boring stucco wall.


Oh, it also helps that they are an heirloom, Italian, purple pole bean


Only unfortunate aspect is when you cook these beans, they go green. Oh well, at least they are home-grown, pesticide & chemical fertilizer free and delicious.

I leave you with an image of our not so little sunflowers that are getting close to blooming.


Make sure to stop and enjoy the little things that make you happy.


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