The First Hurdle

So today was a  good example of what our new whole-foods, plant-based way of life , mixed with my catering is going to be like.  It is tough to resist temptation when you are busy chopping it up.  Salami, cheese, prosciutto, chicken, pesto…. that was tough.  The only thing that made it better was actually indulging in it. not OVER indulging, but having a bite or two. Of course as I am doing this, and even after, I am feeling pretty guilty.  But then, that’s when it hits me!

This isn’t a DIET in the standard form of, when I hit my goal weight I’ll get to eat those “forbidden” things again, this is a new lifestyle.  So with that in mind I now have a who cares attitude about the bit of indulging I partook in today.  Who can create something with out tasting it to be sure it tastes right? Certainly not me, I need to be sure everything is up to par, especially when catering. This doesn’t mean I am going to dip into the meats, chesses and high fat temptations everyday or even regularly, just once in awhile when it is absolutely necessary.   So tonight, for the first time, I didn’t throw in the towel,  I just jumped right back into my low-fat vegan ways with a lovely vegetable fried rice.

Thankfully I have tried a few other conventional diets and have a collection of cookbooks that not only offer already thought out low fat vegan friendly recipes, but also a plethora of low fat recipes that only need a little tweaking to turn them into a meal fit for my family.

Another plus, today was a tasting for a wedding reception catering with 150 guests.  And they loved my Omnivore appetizers and dinner.  It’s official, they booked me for their spring wedding!!  What a wonderful way to kick off 2012!


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